What’s YWW

As a writer, I am part of a community. Young Writer’s Workshop (YWW) is a community full of young aspiring writers that all have a goal and are all working at it.

How YWW works is that there are teaching videos and articles that answer questions commonly asked by young writers.

How to get more views on my blog?

Should I aim to be published?

How do I write good villains?

How do I find the right genre?

The questions every writer asks are finally answered by published authors who have been published at a young age and have struggled through the journey fo writing.

YWW is a very encouraging and uplifting environment. Everyone ready to pray for others, share a scripture verse and cheer someone on when they finally reach their goal.

On top of the teaching, there is also an online community where the writers will share their work and get feedback, ask for encouragement and prayer, have writing sprints, pretend to be their characters, build confidence, and continually be blessed by everyone there.

To learn more about YWW visit this website.