What I Learned 01 | Starting a Blog

Setting up a blog isn’t easy. There are expectations not met, things that crash and frustration that tempts you to give up.
Coming up with something to say isn’t easy either and making it unique to actually mean something to people can be hard.

But what can you learn?

  1. Not everything is going to happen the way you expect. You might want everything to be perfect, but nothing ever is going to be.

You’ll never be perfect, everyone tells you that, but something that’s less common is knowing that everything you do won’t be perfect too. And when I was setting it up, it wasn’t perfect. My pictures would disappear, the email list told me I violated a policy, my posts were not saving, and all of this happened multiple times.

2. Know how you handle stress. It helps, trust me on that. 

Everyone handles stress differently, it has everything to do with personality types. Knowing how you handle stress, however, is so important. Stress will come since nothing is perfect, and knowing how you will handle it when it happens will keep you from becoming more stressed.

3. Be ready to realize when it’s Satan. He wants to make you give up. 

Satan works in mysterious ways. He’s constantly working undercover to find ways to lead us all astray, whether that’s into sin or making us give up on something that is our dream. And when he does this, sometimes we don’t realize that it’s him so we choose to give up. But really it’s the devil making sure we don’t become strong.

4. How to problem solve. Two solid tricks that I have up my sleeve.

Analyze. Stay calm.

Analyzing means to “examine methodically and in detail”. Not only seeing a small picture of the puzzle but seeing the whole thing and each piece separately. They all are important and they all would together to make something beautiful. And so, you have to analyze everything.

Staying calm is a lifesaver. I’m not someone that does that naturally, but learning from others I can see that solving problems with a calm heart comes so much smoother than with a body full of anxiety.



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