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I’m Anna-Lee Leilani.

Writing an introduction sounds so simple and easy, but when I’m here and actually starting the first post, it seems quite the opposite.

The most important thing about my journey in writing is Jesus, who is my Saviour and my King. Ever since I was a little baby He has been pressing me onto my writing journey. Scribbling on pages and typing letters on the keyboard was all I did back then, but now, He gives me things that can change people.

Writing hasn’t always been easy for me, my poetry is emotional and my blogs haven’t always been received. But when God wants someone to do something, there is a way for it to be done.

God has also given me a lot of appreciation for music. I love to listen and hear the colours that music brings to life.

Music and art have always been a favourite thing of mine because of the gentleness, the way that you can scream emotion with only a whisper.

You’ll hear that a lot from me. But something that people sometimes don’t know about me is that water is what inspires my dream of writing. Water can be terrifying, but when it’s gentle and calm it can be something that brings a certain soothingness over people.

I think that you deserve to know what first started my writing, and it was God showing me the power of water. I believe that.

But when I’m not completely absorbed in colour and art, I tend to be talking to friends, watching movies, and doing graphic design.

I want to write meaningful words. But not things that bore people, I want to be creative.

Fashion tips.

Life Style posts.

Devotionals to help you.

Poetry to show you emotion.

Blogging secrets.

All of these things are posts that I’m excited to share with you. And these are things that interest me.

So I hope that you’ll join me on this journey! I would love to hear from you and if you’d like to know a bit more about me my about page is here.

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