Thoughts on An Irish Blue by K.E. Stanton | PLUS how to get the short story for FREE

Ireland is the best country ever. Please don’t come at me and be all “well I think this is the best country blah blah blah” because I am seriously in love with the cliffs, cold water and orange hair. When K.E. Stanton sent me a historical fiction short story based in Ireland I completely fell in love with it.

Engaged. Entrapped. Hopeless.

To escape a less-than-desirable future, Nicole takes flight, seeking for freedom across the Irish Blue. But she soon learns that freedom is a frame of mind and all freedom comes at a price—one that could cost her everything.

Years ago, Nicole escaped from that less-than-desirable future, only to return under heavy circumstances. Now they are chasing her down again, and she longs to break free for good. When her father gives her his consent, she embarks on a journey to freedom, only to find that her past is catching up with her fast. Not all freedom is worth it, and she’s about to question if her life is worth the death of another.

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My Thoughts on An Irish Blue

Reading the Irish Blue was such a treat, I adored the characters, fell in love with the scenic beauty of Ireland and felt so much suspense because of the plot.

Nicole is a very headstrong and at times defiant girl. Yet her sense of justice and her knowledge was something that I admired. She also seemed extremely relatable as she faced fear of leaving her family and the love of her dad and her mom was something that made her more personal to me.

The plot was fast moving, interesting and made me need more. Without giving away spoilers (’cause lets be real we all hate them) I want to tell you that the end WILL MAKE YOU CRY IN THE MOST AMAZING WAY. 😭

The Author 

K.E. Stanton was born with a song in her heart and a rainbow in the sky. Since then, she has been coming up with stories and has allowed her imagination to get the best of her.

In elementary school, she rediscovered her past love of coming up with stories and wrote her first story. She’s been writing ever since.

When she isn’t sitting at her computer working on her current novel, she can be found curled up on a couch, reading a good book or watching a show such as Heartland, When Calls the Heart, and the Flash.

She aims to, someday, be the Jill-of-all-Genres but works on crafting historical novels for teens– something the world desperately needs.






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