the one where she returns

hello everyone! i’m so happy that i’m finally able to come in here and show you that i have not disappeared and disintegrated like most of the avengers. i am still very much intact, though my workload has been slightly overwhelming lately. however, i am back and am going to try and write some posts in the next few months before summer comes. 

the previous blog posts that i’ve written have been deep and poetic. that was my personality a few months ago. now, however, i find the depressing mindset of some of my poetry absolutely horrible. over the past few months, a lot of things have changed in my life. i’ve made new friends, i’ve gotten comfier in my own skin and i’ve found things that make me unique instead of just following other people’s footprints. not to mention that i have started rolling up my roots sweatpants. shocking i know. 

why am i telling you this? well, this blog has been a big part of my life and without realizing it i have made it a blog all about the reader, what they’ll like and what will get me more views. taking the break (even if it wasn’t on purpose) and realizing friends are more important than acquaintances i’ve come to the conclusion that this blog is mine. it doesn’t really matter to me whether you like more sermon type posts because if that makes me feel sad and depressed then why would i write that? i’m not trying to sound stuck up. basically, i’m hoping that my writing will be something i truly enjoy. something that i do for fun and that the views and likes don’t stress me out ever again.

i’ll be writing more about things that happen to me personally, telling stories and telling you about people who have changed my life. and hopefully, through that, we can become friends instead of acquaintances. 

love you all, anna-lee 

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