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STOP bringing yourself down now

(I wrote this on my phone, with my earbuds in, in the car on the way home from the states. I was overcome with the need to write this and so I did. I edited only in the way that you guys wouldn’t hate me because of my grammar skills. I hope that you like it.)

You aren’t anything you say when you bring yourself down. Please don’t say anything that would bring yourself down again. For these however many moments, it takes you to read this, don’t say anything that makes you feel horrible about yourself.

You are not stupid. In fact, there are hundreds of people who have questions you could answer. You could turn it around and say that you have a question that hundreds of other people could answer. But truly you are not stupid, you are not dumb, you are not unwise or inexperienced. No one can do everything.

But no one can know exactly the things you know all put together.

You are not ugly. In fact, telling yourself that you’re ugly means that you not only hate yourself and how you look but you hate how God made you look. You are beautiful, you’re the only kind of beautiful for you. No one can do your kind of beauty like you.

You need to stop saying you’re not worthy to be alive. God made you alive. Before you were alive, He knew everything you would do. He knew the mistakes you would make, He knew the things that made you laugh, He knew the best friends you were going to have and who you were going to marry. But here’s the thing. Before you were even alive, He loved you and that tells you it all. You are worthy to be alive.

You aren’t worse than your friends or your family. I know exactly how this feels. you see someone who is amazing at whatever it is, and you feel like you are a failure because you can’t do it that well. I get it. but you can do things that I cannot. You can create something beautiful, sing in tune, make perfectly funny jokes, kick the soccer ball just perfectly and talk to anyone you want and other people out there can’t do that.

It’s a gifting thing. We all can do something well. and there are always going to be things that we cannot do so well. But please stop comparing yourself to others.

Yes, it’s one of the most difficult things in the world to do. But you can do things that are just perfectly moulded into your characteristics.

There is no one out there that can do you better than you. Because you are the only you out there.

And you are the most amazing, beautiful, incredible you out there.

So stop comparing yourself, stop talking to yourself like you don’t matter, stop feeling like you shouldn’t be alive, stop worrying about whether you did everything right or whether there’s going to be people who are disappointed in you. Because you are you.

And guess what, the only One who matters cares for you.

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