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Some things just look beautiful.

Beautiful is what we call flowers and lake, waterfalls and sunsets, birds and mammals, and even people.

But to people, beauty isn’t the way that God made it. We want something pleasing to our eyes, something that has colour and vision. Normal yet stunning. I don’t know many people who would say that someone or something that is broken or marred by sin is beautiful.

There is only One who would say that, God, because He is the One who created us.

God did create us with a sense of beauty.  He made creation beautiful. But when people talk about sin ruining many things, maybe it ruined our vision for beauty.

Beauty now has a simple message, you either have it or you don’t. You have to be a certain height, weight and colour to be what the Internet would call beautiful. And everyone seems to want that. People do very serious things to make themselves look like everyone wants to look.

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Sin tends to mess everything up. And when it comes to beauty there is no break. Plants die, water gets polluted. It happens. People starve themselves and get told that they aren’t normal looking… which then puts a lot of pressure on them. Someone would never have told someone that they were ugly before sin ruined everything. Adam never would have asked Eve to stop eating and Eve never would’ve felt ugly before sin came.

Sin also caused everyone to look on the outside without noticing the inside. And that’s what I mean when I say that God is the only one that can say that we’re beautiful even if the world says we aren’t.

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Sin matters mainly because if we don’t realize it’s everywhere we don’t realize when we need God.

I’m very concerned about beauty, the girls that think they’re not good enough, and the people who are hurt every day by the world saying they aren’t pretty enough. It’s a terrible thing.

People die because they think they aren’t pretty enough. And every day there are people who are hurt. Seeing people not for their hair or body but for their heart could just change the world.

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As much as I’d love to start a rebellion against outward beauty, I do know that doing that is unrealistic. People are drawn to beauty, and actresses and models are put on the highest stakes to be pretty. People drift away from them if there isn’t enough to fill their head and eyes.

So, changing it would be hard. But my website owns a small corner of the Internet, and if we only spread truthful and encouraging words people will feel blessed. That’s part of my mission here, only spreading comfort, and telling people that they can be beautiful the way God wants them to be.

Telling someone that you can see their heart and how beautiful it is, blesses them. You can tell them that they have a giving heart or a pretty smile. And that’s what I want to challenge all of you to do. Instead of telling someone that think is gorgeous that they look nice today, go up to someone and tell them that their heart is pretty.

It will bless them beyond what you can imagine. Especially if they aren’t used to being told that they’re pretty. You can do it.

And always know that you are beautiful in Gods sight.

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