About Me

I’m Anna-Lee. The creator and heart of all this writing.

I’m not born to just sit and stay quiet, but I’m not made to speak up either. That’s why I write. My emotions, my passion, my spirit, my faith, my stories, all these things are so that I can change the world through my writing.
God created me to design since I was a baby, I would always be drawing little pictures or writing small stories. Before I even knew the alphabet I was making up stories, and they made perfect sense to me.
Now, however, I enjoy writing even more. The stories I can create and actually write to share with others, blogging so that I can impact other teenagers, and writing articles that only my dreams can take me to their futures.

Dreaming is another part of my life, even though I’m a rather down to earth sort of person, I can never get over the habit of dreaming. Daydreaming is a more common occurrence than nightdreaming, but all the same, I do both. My dreams don’t make sense, they are complete with colours, patterns, and textures that no one sees in the real world. My dreams are almost like poetry.

And poetry is another passion of my heart and soul. Poetry has been a lifesaver for me in a way. A way to scream my emotions with only a whisper.

In the times that I’m not creating or writing, I love spending time with my Savior and my friends, skiing, travelling, and watching movies.


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