About Me

I’m Anna-Lee. And yes, I write this blog and design it.

I’m just a normal teenaged girl. I live with my earbuds in, I get frustrated with myself, I cry all the time and my parents get mad at me what seems like everyday sometimes. I’m not super good at sports (especially soccer), I spam my friends with jokes and then the next minute I get super deep and sometimes I have more than 3,000 pictures on my phone.

There are somethings however, that aren’t normal about me. I write for fun and it doesn’t feel like school most of the time, my family is sort of different (I have a sister in a wheelchair and a mom who is blind), and most of all I’m a Christian.

This blog is meant to be a sort of second home to me. But in every home there have to people who come over, and that’s what I like to think you guys are. In this house, we talk about a whole lot of different things. I try to make my posts fun and encouraging, and we cover topics that I have a passion for. Like creating, travelling, writing, God and being yourself.

 On top of my writing, and by that I mean I do it more than I write is photography. Probably hence why I have an average of 700 – 3,000 pictures on my phone. I also love travelling and my favourite place I’ve ever travelled is probably NYC. You’ll hear a lot about that city probably as I just recently when and it had been on my bucket list since I was five.

I’m also super obsessed with pretty things, like storm clouds, water on grass, colourful designs and patterns, pretty Instagram profiles and super cool blogs.

I love food, especially Hershey chocolate and sour cream and onion potato chips.

I’m a redhead of sorts, though it’s completely fake (I’m originally a brunette). You might hear a lot of references to turtles and that’s because I go to summer camp and I work there, my camp name is turtle and well… now I can’t walk by anything that remotely looks like a turtle without pointing it out to someone.

Anyways, I hope that you’ll stay and visit me often.


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