My Unscientific (but still cool) Experiment on Laughter

Have you ever noticed that some things that make you laugh won’t make someone else laugh too?
There are hundreds of things that can make you laugh right? Ok, hundreds could be a little bit exaggerated for some people, but sometimes there’s my best friends, jokes, places, signs, and even just a random tree in the middle of a field that makes me laugh. It’s unfortunate that some people don’t find something funny, because laughter is amazing. And that is exactly what this whole blog post is about.

Have you ever heard the saying “Love. Laughter. Life” and been like “wow that’s so overused”? Because I totally have. But here’s the thing, everyone wants love, and love makes us feel way more alive. Being able to say “I love you” to someone and hearing it back makes us feel amazing.
So where does the whole laughter come in?

That light bubbling feeling in you is happiness, the crease in the corner of your eyes is a smile, and the beautiful sound coming from deep down is laughter. The sound is something that is proven to make other people, not only you, happier than they were before.

Laughter is the most satisfying sound and when we make someone else laugh it makes us feel proud of ourselves. It also helps us feel like they truly want to be with us and around us.
But it can go the other way too. Just like they say the eyes are the window to the soul, I think that laughter is the window to their relationships.
When laughter seems pressed, they are going through something, either that or they don’t think your joke is funny. If they seem shocked that they laughed, make sure that you keep them around and make them laugh more. If they are genuinely laughing and enjoying their time with you, feel honoured because they love being with you.

But how does laughing make you feel? Finally laughing when you’re sad. Being with your best friends and making horrible puns. Being able to laugh when feel like you should be a super straight-faced person and just letting go. It feels good right?

So I don’t know why I’m writing a blog post on laughter today. But maybe I’m just telling you how amazing it feels and how much I think it means to someone when you let go of your yourself and have a good time.
And maybe I’m also saying thank you to my best friends for always making me smile and laugh because it makes everyone feel good.

So, I hope you find a reason to laugh today. I hope you find someone who’ll make you laugh every day.

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