My Travel Bucket List | 2018

If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

For me, the answer changes every day, it really depends on my mood. Somedays when I’m so mad at the snow I want to go to Hawaii or the Bahamas. But then when I’m dying from the heat I want to go to Switzerland or somewhere with snow. So really the best option for me is to create a bucket list.

So here is a list of places I want to go before I die. And why. And pictures.

Los Angeles

So people always judge me for wanting to go here. It’s always “too much crime” “you’ll get killed” “why on earth would you want to go there?” Well… I want to go because there are rich people and I can look at their houses and be stunned. I can also see the Hollywood sign and all the cool studios, sets and film stuff. And then there’s also a coast and a city right beside each other. And so, yeah, it’s my dream.


Ok, who wouldn’t want to go somewhere where the sand is white, the water matches the sky, there’s pineapples and cute little coconuts and you can swim with pigs? Like come on. This is definitely somewhere I want to go sometime.


Italy is a dream of mine. Anywhere in Italy is beautiful and their language is so pretty. But Venice is especially dreamy to me. It’s the city without roads, with only water connecting everything. To me, it’s the city of poems and love. Besides, there’s pizza and gelato, what could be better?

New York City

Believe it or not, I’ve wanted to go to New York City since I was 6. How I knew I wanted to go there or how I even knew it was a place when I was 6 I don’t know. But it was a very real dream. And not only did I want to go there, I wanted to live there and own a cupcake shop. Of course, the cupcake thing has worn off. But the whole going there, living there dream is still very real. In fact, my family has decided to brave the city for me and go there this year and I’m so excited.

Read about my journey in NYC here.


I have no idea why I want to go here. The thought started when I was young when someone first showed me a picture of the houses all pressed together, the dull colours and the water. It seemed like a place where magic was waiting to happen, somewhere that seemed so dull but inside, if you looked a little harder, you would find something incredible.


The accents here are amazing. Just saying. And red hair is my favourite. And I love cliffs and water and rain. So this is a perfect place for me. Or maybe that’s just a stereotype, I don’t know, but it just looks very magical as well.

Banff National Park and Lake Louise

I’m a Canadian born and raised girl. But living in the middle of Canada doesn’t offer very many mountains (on the west coast) or oceans (on the east). In fact, sometimes it’s pretty flat. But going and seeing the Rocky Mountains, now that’s something that can make Canada look a lot more interesting to me.


Ok, so this is a place with great architecture and tons of Disney. I also would love to see the Space Centre and the Everglades. Being a complete tourist would be amazing in this state.


I have been learning Spanish for three or four years now. Going somewhere that speaks Spanish as their first language is definitely something on my bucket list. They also have the best animals ever.

Wherever My Car Takes Me

This is a little adventure I want to do with some friends. We’ll pack out bags, get in our car and drive. And we’ll end up wherever we end up. If we end up in an ocean, don’t worry, we know how to swim. But just being free and driving and turning wherever the wind seems to be going sounds amazing to me.


Where do you want to go? Let me know in the comments below!

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