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my must haves // fall edition

Hello Everyone. I am so happy that it’s finally fall (though where I live it’s like winter now and it’s brutal) but seeing the pretty fall coloured photos and pumpkin spice lattes that everyone is drinking still makes me happy.

And since I’m in that spirit I decided to write a fall themed blog post. So here are my Fall Must Haves and Cannot Do Fall Withouts. 

Number One – My Extraordinarily Soft Blanket 

If we referred to it under it’s proper name it is called a Rolled Fleece Throw. I received this as a gift a couple years ago and quickly fell in love with it. Since then my family has also bought one more to have among the family. It’s perfect for watching movies on cold fall nights!

From: Indigo (this is a Canadian company, however, I did check and they are available at similar stores in the States as well.)

My Hot Chocolate Packets

For someone who enjoys baking and cooking, I do not enjoy making hot chocolate. I find it difficult to know exactly how much power in the mug and how to leave enough space for milk (or whipped cream). But something I’ve enjoyed using this fall are little hot chocolate packets! There are plenty of different flavours as well which is awesome so that you don’t need to buy a big bucket just to try one!

From: Walmart, Staples, Home Sense and Indigo are where I’ve gotten them in the past.

A Long and Cozy Cardigan

Ok. Don’t even get me started on much I love these. I have about 4 cardigans that I wear all the time. These are always on my Christmas and Birthday wishlists.

They’re perfect to wear with a pair jeans if you’re going out, or a pair of sweats if you’re staying in.

And there are so many different ones. I prefer long ones and I think the buttons are super cute but if you prefer completely open and shorter those are super awesome too and perfect for keeping warm.

From: This particular one is from Garage. Here is another one from Bluenotes.


I cannot live without these. I’m the kind of person that everyone laughs at because if my feet get cold, I cannot function. At all.

So having a ton of these is truly a lifesaver. Having super long ones that I can pull all the way up to my knees are even better. Plus, once winter comes you can use them as ski socks if that’s something you do at all.

From: I have multiple from all over. ArdenesIndigo, and Walmart.

Beautiful, Delicious, Mouth Watering Candles

CANDLES! Having these burning all the times makes me feel like maybe it’s ok not to go outside and that I can just stay inside bundled up and just smell the outside.

So these are the best things ever. I especially love ones that smell like spices (i.g. Cinnamon, Gingerbread, and Vanilla) though I’ve been loving the smell of roasting marshmallows.

From: Bath and Body Works.


I hope that you all have an amazing fall season. And if you live in Canada too, I hope that you have a good winter while everyone else is celebrating Thanksgiving.

Comment down below the things that you enjoy doing in the fall!


2 thoughts on “my must haves // fall edition”

  1. Interesting must haves for fall!

    I can’t really think of fall until March, but, unlike the Northern Hemisphere, it gets/stays warm in the Southern Hemisphere. Weather is strange in South America, nearly always stays warm with no snow or autumn.

  2. I think sipping hot chocolate in a cozy sweater and fuzzy socks, under a soft blanket makes fall my favourite time of year! Thanks for the post, Anna-Lee!

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