Here’s Something Deep for You

“stop being stuck in other peoples dreams”

It’s almost like the quote was looking into my soul and seeing everything that I was wishing for. I was sitting on my phone, bored of the day, school, people walking past me and that made me extremely bored of the wallpaper on my phone. And so I set out to find another one. Not that it’s a huge journey, it’s just something I do a lot of. 

But that’s the unnecessary information.

I was scrolling through gorgeously graphic designed wallpapers with inspirational quotes on them and most of them were things that I had heard before. Many times before. Of course they were all good and encouraging but after a while of hearing them again and again they start to lose their impact. 

But one caught my eye. It wasn’t the design, it was just plain white. But the words impacted more than any other quote I have seen before.

“stop being stuck in other peoples dreams”

And that quote above is what I fell in love with. Here’s why. 

I always want things, those are called goals. Taking the best photos and making pretty moments, finding love, having a good career and a house of my own are some examples. But one thing that I realize over and over is that now, in this moment, I cannot plan my future because my future is being played out by the people I’m with right now. I can’t plan what flowers I want on the tables at my wedding reception because I’m trying to fit in with everyone around me now. I can’t decide exactly what workout routines I’m going to do when I’m living by myself, or what university I want to go to.

Even careers, the things I want to be are sometimes determined by what my friends want to be and what they think I should do.

You see, everyone wants to “fit in” or “be popular”. That’s the way of the human, any human honestly. But when your life is something so valuable, only you and God should be making the decisions. And if you’re trying to live in other people’s dream, you won’t end up being happy.

And most likely the other person won’t be to happy that you’re trying to live their dream too.

Dream for yourself, my dear. You’ll get there if that’s what truly is right for you.


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