Life Style

ephemeral // a poem by me

we don’t last forever

we’re a breath of air that soon needs to be released

into the sky

picked up by someone we may never meet

carried on until we no longer remember

it lasts


and then repeats

winter to spring it fleets

we’re ephemeral

He paints us on the earth

He could call us a design

once perfect

I suppose it would be his mural

but still we do not last

rain comes

washes us off

an enemy comes and paints over us

our lasting is fleeting until it leaves

only some remember

time gone by

where do the breaths go once they leave our lungs

who will catch the air

some people leave sooner then others

where do all those people go

they last for a short time

we try to remember

but art gets interpreted different each time

and we forget once someone leaves

people we know so well


God painted them on

we met them

loved them

now they’re gone

where did they go

will we remember them once more

we’re a blink in the time of history

a second of the clock

we all want to live forever

that doesn’t happen

unless we believe in the Painter

it just does not

some choose for themselves to be ephemeral

some are remembered

not by people who also pass by

but by Him who knows

absolutely no time

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