an ode to summertime

it’s a way of life. run with your hair untied and free. the curls blowing around in the wind and your feet flying along the ocean. it’s a choice, dearie. i dream of being unattached to the world. only the goldness of the sun and the roaring of the waves. melodies are music of nature, i believe, and the stars rising, the laughter of the breeze is the most beautiful harmony of all. 

a campfire on the sand, beach volleyball in the distance and the stars reflecting off the lake. sitting in a circle baking smores and singing camp songs while you wait for the fireworks to start. snapping film pictures on a disposable camera, some people might call it a waste of money. you call it making memories. 

sleeping in late while a candle that smells like peaches burns somewhere in your dreams. when you wake up making banana pancakes with your hair piled on top of your head and listening to the birds have a conversation through your yellow kitchens curtains.

what about packing as many pillows as you own and wearing your comfiest clothes, pulling up to a drive in theatre and watching a classic disney movie with your best friends while you pull fluffy blankets around your shoulders. eating handfulls of carmel popcorn and sipping on your pepsi. 

going thrift shopping and buying a pair of faded blue jeans for 50 cents. when you get home you paint a sunflower on on back pocket and wear them out to a diner with your friend from when you were 2. order a chocolate milkshake and curly fries and think about what it would have been like 40 years ago at the same diner. 

maybe one day you’ll go to italy and stand on a balcony looking out over the vinyards of tuscany. dressed in a black dress with sophisticated heels and your makeup done professionally, sipping on red wine even though you find it gross. or maybe you’ll be in nike airs and mom jeans stuffing yourself with traditional italian pizza in venice. 

new york city in summer, trying to count how many yellow cabs you pass by. having a picnic next to the pond in central park before you go to broadway and watch a show with the millions of other people in the city that never sleeps. staying up really late because the lights of the ads seems like daylight. 

paris, riding bikes around the eiffel tower. los angeles, trying to avoid cameras. london, stupidly hoping to get a glimpse of the queen. bahamas, swinging in a hammock right over the clear ocean. bali, living in a treehouse airbnb and riding scooters around town. peru, climbing up an ancient volcano. banff, canoeing in the bluest lake you’ve ever seen. 

wherever it is, summer is special. dreams come true because anything seems possible. summer is a way of life. so find the people you want to be with and hum as you drive and binge on disposable cameras and thank God every day that’s sunny. but when it’s rainy don’t let that stop you. you just need to have that summer mindset, sunshine.

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