about me

hi hi person. i’m anna-lee

when i began writing this blog two years ago i tried to be very successful and serious. the first (in case you weren’t paying attention that was success) wasn’t easy and as it turns out it made me sorta bummed when i didn’t get it right away. and seriousness made me feel claustrophobic like i’m a happy girl and all and i do like getting deep but sometimes i just wanted to have fun and not stick to a super strict schedule and all that jazzy stuff.

now that i have figured that out. wow that took me a longggg time. i’m redoing this blog into something a lot more yellow. by that, i mean happy, vibrant, flexible, bright and cheery. definitely more me.

i don’t really know what people like reading about in an about page but since all that “hi this is a new blog” stuff is over i will try my best to introduce myself.

sooo hi?! if this was a classroom we had to go around the circle and say our name and something about ourselves i would probably say that i like music. either that or i am very in love with photography. or if i was in a super strange mood i would just come right out and say that i LOVE sour cherry blasters. now before all you americans freak out and say “that’s not a thing blah blah blah”. chill. i live in canada ok? canadiens make awesome gummies that are sour and taste like cherries. and i am an enthusiast of them.

ok that’s enough about them. actually that’s basically enough about me.

you will learn more about me in the posts that are (hopefully) to come very very veerryyy soon.

anna-lee xx